At N'Elkan, together with our partners, we're working towards the brightest future of all for the people of the Earth*. Using unique previously undiscovered technology; we predict the end of sickness, war and want within 10 years.
Your future is bright, your future is in our hands.

We are now able to fabricate all seventeen rare earth elements synthetically


The N’Elkan Institute is pleased to announce that one of it’s subsidiary companies has perfected a method for generating rare earths synthetically in the laboratory. Some background information: Rare earth [...]

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Anti Gravity vehicle desert at Lake Nasser


We’re about to revolutionise transport. [PRESS RELEASE] After much speculation The N’Elkan Institute, headed by Theodore Malvol, can confirm we are working on a system called Aegis, which encompasses a [...]

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Nelkan Medical headquarters


In 2007 The N’Elkan Institute started N’Elkan Medical Services, providing revolutionary and accessible healthcare to the poorer areas of the world where it is needed most. Today N’Elkan Medical Services [...]

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Patrick Wainwright .. writing history in the making

New Appointment – Patrick Wainwright

We’re changing the world to such an extent that when future generations look back, they will see this as a pivotal point in the history of mankind. [NEW APPOINTMENT] Patrick [...]

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Who are we…

Founded in 1988, by Theodore Malvol, The N'Elkan Institute is a global leader in almost every field of research. Our subsidiary companies are located in almost every country of the world.

As a philanthropic company, N'Elkan aims to help humanity reach it's potential. In the near future we will be launching new technologies, so advanced, they will forever alter life on Earth and humanities perceptions of the universe we live in.

Global facilities

Our offices, facilities and staff are located all over the world...


Reports that we have anything to do with the end of the world are grossly not yet correct
38 months ago
There have been a lot of recent attempts to access the restricted areas around lake Nasser - remember you are putting yourselves in danger
42 months ago

Our brands…

  • go with the gods
  • worlds best perfume
  • Benigna - ambient music
  • go with the gods
  • go with the gods
  • go with the gods
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