We are now able to fabricate all seventeen rare earth elements synthetically


April 30th, 2012 in news by 0 Comments

The N’Elkan Institute is pleased to announce that one of it’s subsidiary companies has perfected a method for generating rare earths synthetically in the laboratory.

Some background information: Rare earth elements are a set of seventeen chemicals in the periodic table. They play essential parts in the manufacture of nearly all modern hi-tech devices. Dozens of ultra high-tech applications depend on the supply of rare earths, including aerospace equipment, magnets, lasers, nuclear batteries and x-ray devices.

Despite their name, rare earth elements can, in fact, be found all over the Earth. However in nearly all places they are so thinly dispersed that extracting them becomes an uneconomic proposition.

Early leaders in the production of rare earths were India and Brazil. Later South Africa and the USA took leading roles. Nowadays however 95 percent of the world’s output of rare earths comes from China.

China’s monopoly in the supply of essential rare earths has led some critics to state that China ‘has its foot on the throat of the western world’.

Our science working alongside our future-tech team at XXXXXX, under the unerring guidance of His Excellency Theodore Malvol, has announced that we are now able to fabricate all seventeen rare earth elements synthetically. Our Executive Vice President Dr Melaina Halfacre, states that the feat has been accomplished using technology that is ‘out of this world’.

More updates to follow…

Staff with level 1 clearance can log into the R&D area of this website for a full analysis.

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