Anti Gravity vehicle desert at Lake Nasser


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We’re about to revolutionise transport.

After much speculation The N’Elkan Institute, headed by Theodore Malvol, can confirm we are working on a system called Aegis, which encompasses a number of technologies, including anti-gravity transportation.

Aegis works in a way which is quite different from previous attempts at anti-gravity transport, including projects like Greenglow. The subatomic particles of any object are made to move in a coherent manner. “It’s the same phenomenon as lasers,” said Dr Melaina Halfacre, Executive Vice President at The N’Elkan Institute. “A laser sends photons in a coordinated stream. The Aegis does the same with any kind of subatomic particle. It’s a novel concept and we have it working.”

We have no doubt that the scientific community at large will meet these claims will scepticism and derision. We look forward to proving them wrong, very soon.


N’ELKAN STAFF: Please do not engage in conversation either verbal, electronicly (including email, message apps, sms and social media) or telepathicly with any members of the scientific or media community, until we have made our first public announcement. This is by direct order from ■■■■ and Theodore Malvol.

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Founded in 1988, by Theodore Malvol, The N'Elkan Institute is a global leader in almost every field of research. Our subsidiary companies are located in almost every country of the world.

As a philanthropic company, N'Elkan aims to help humanity reach it's potential. In the near future we will be launching new technologies, so advanced, they will forever alter life on Earth and humanities perceptions of the universe we live in.

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Reports that we have anything to do with the end of the world are grossly not yet correct
38 months ago
There have been a lot of recent attempts to access the restricted areas around lake Nasser - remember you are putting yourselves in danger
43 months ago

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